Child Is Entering School For the First Time


In the beginning, remember that this is your individuality child's first big step towards independence. Every child expresses his or her individually in a different way, and no child should be forced into any activity or situation. No matter what your child's reactions are, try to accept them. Neither you nor your child are here to be judged. In particular, here are some situations that can cause some anxiety to.


Do not be disturbed if your childis shy in the group, because he may not feel comfortable among children with whom he has not played with before, and may need assurance that nursery school is fun and you are going to stay with him.


Do not be disturbed if your childrefuses snacks, because the group may overwhelm her, or she may have found something more interesting at the moment. She still has to learn that she will enjoy the refreshment when she feels more relaxed.


Do not be disturbed if your childdoes not join in a story or music time, because he may be accustomed to having a story by himself with a parent, or his attention span may be too short. He may be absorbing what goes on as an observer on the perimeter, or he may simply not enjoy stories or singing time.


Do not be disturbed if your childdoes not take part in rhythms, because she may not have an interest in that activity, or she may feel that she needs to know them before she can enjoy them. She may be enjoying them as an observer or listener, or she may be the type of child who does not plunge into the situation until she has appreciated it


Do not be disturbed if your childstands around watches, because he may be more comfortable and prefers the role of observer. Watching is a form of participation.


Do not be embarrassed if your childtakes toys from others, because her vocabulary may be insufficiently developed to express herself: This may be her first experience in group play. She will learn that words are valuable assets to social approaches when she learns to use them and she feels comfortable in nursery school.


Do not be embarrassed if your childrefuses to give and take, because often children do not know how to play a group and their first attempt can come out as being aggressive. Suggesting a role to play or an activity to carry out will help


Do not be embarrassed if your childbits, because this is an expression of anger. He will learn to express himself verbally with experience.


Do not be embarrassed if your childindulges in name-calling, because she is

experimenting with language. She likes the way others react to her name-calling. She may be testing her limits. Name-calling, such as "stupid", "nut", etc., is not considered a problem at nursery school. However, if a particular word is bothering an adult, please see the director on how to handle this.



First Day At School



Since you and your child have visited the school before both of you are probably familiar with the programme. However, it may be necessary to stay with you child until he or she feels comfortable and secure in this new environment You and the directress can decide when you feel your child is ready to be left at school alone


Sit quietly in one place away from group activities, and your child will feel free to move into the group with the knowledge that his/her parent will be in the same spot.


The teachers will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning their programme, your child, or any aspect of the total co-operative situation But, please, hold questions until after the school day is finished.

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