School days and hours

School days are from Monday to Friday. The daily schooling hours begin from 8.00 am to 12.30 noon.

Effectively after 12.30 noon, the After School Care Services will take over.


Drop off and Pick-up times

Parents are to observe the following:

For regular schools hours

Drop-off time 7.50 am – 8.00 am

Pick-up time (4 years and below) 12.00 pm - 12.30 pm

Pick-up time (5 years and above) 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm


Late Pick-Up

We understand that emergency situations may arise and we are willing to assist in such cases. However under normal circumstances, we would appreciate prompt pick up of your child everyday.


(An allowance of RM5/hr will be charged after 12.30pm and 1:30pm. This payment will be paid to the teacher in charge on the day. Please be punctual when sending and fetching them. This is to ensure that your child will not miss out on the lessons and other children’s lessons and the class activities will not be disrupted.



Upon confirmation of enrolment, a one month refundable deposit per child is to be paid.


School Fees

School fees are to be paid quarterly and must be settled by the first week of each quarter. All cheques should be made payable to Tadika Sri Puncak. If the amount due is not settled by the date indicated, a late payment interest of 2% calculated on a daily basis will be levied on the amount due.

In the event that the child is unable to attend school, the School Fees and the After School Care Services Fees are still required to be settled in full by parents. All fees paid are not refundable.




Any parent who wishes to withdraw their child from school is required to give a one month Written Notice prior to withdrawal. We will not entertain verbal notices in person or on the telephone.


School Holiday/Term

The school and its After School Care Services will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all gazette public holidays. The school term holidays are scheduled in accordance with the national school holidays and for at least another four other special days in the years as determined by the School Board.


There will be no After School Care Services during the school holidays. After School Care Services will resume after term holiday, or on a new calendar year, or as and when informed by the school administration officer.


Children with special education needs

Tadika Sri Puncak is able to meet the needs of children with very minor learning difficulties only. We do not have the means nor the expertise to accommodate children with special education needs.

Therefore we respectfully reserve the right to:

           Refuse admission of a child who is deemed to need special care or “one to one” attention, and those deemed “not ready” for the programme provided;

           Terminate the enrolment of a child whose disabilities are detected only after admission.

           Should the management grant admission to a child with special education needs, the respective parents will be required to provide a “shadow teacher” to assist and accompany the child throughout the schooling hours. Parents are also required to attend at least 4 monthly sessions in an academic year on the Montessori topics presented by TSP.


Enrolment Policy

Programs conducted here are based on the Montessori Approach whilst lessons are based on Montessori Method.

Montessori lessons comprise of the following 5 major aspects:

1.       Practical Life

2.       Sensorial Activities

3.       Mathematics

4.       Language

5.       Culture




Lost Property

Parents are requested to ensure that clothing and all private belongings are clearly labeled with the child’s name. This will facilitate an easy identification in the event that a lost property be found later. Parents may claim any lost items from the “Lost and Found” basket. Should any of these items be mistakenly claimed by parents, they are requested to return them to the school which will hold custody of the items until the right ownership is claimed.



Management and staff of the TADIKA SRI PUNCAK will make every effort to ensure the well-being and safety of the children within the school premises. The school gate will be locked daily. Children will only be released to parents or authorized individuals. Parents are advised to inform the school in the event they appoint an authorized personnel to fetch their children. If no parents authorization is given, the appointee must produce the child’s school pass card.



Newsletter will be printed and circulated to all parents in order to keep them informed all the on-going activities in school, the eventful field trips of the children and all other news and information deemed relevant.


Birthday Celebration

Children who wish to celebrate their birthdays in school may do so. Prior to their birthdays, the school will write to the parents to seek whether a birthday celebration in school is to be conducted. A two-week prior notice for event must be given in order to facilitate a smooth arrangement. A simple celebration is to be encouraged whereby a birthday cake will be sufficient.


Full Day Service

Children who are enrolled in the Full Day Service are required to bring their own light sheet, pillow and blanket which will be utilized for their nap time and shampoo for their hair & body. All these items are to be clearly labeled with the child’s name. On every alternate Friday, parents are requested to take these items back for washing and must be brought back to the school on the following Monday.




School Attire

Students will be wearing school uniform every Monday and the school sport attire on the other days.

Parents are requested to let your child put on white or sport shoes. No slippers or sandals are allow due to safety reason.

     Please bring a clean handkerchief daily.



The Terms and Conditions hereunder shall be binding upon the parents and permitted assigns of the parties hereto.

-Your child’s well-being is our concern-

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